Toyota Prius Dashboard Warning Lights – What Do They Mean?

What Are Toyota Dashboard Warning Lights and What Do They Mean?

warning lights red triangle toyota priusHave you ever been driving your Toyota Prius and had some warning lights appear on your dashboard? It can be troubling, confusing and aggravating when you don’t know what, if anything, is wrong with your new car. In many cases, it is likely nothing, but in the event that it is, it is so important that you get your vehicle into your local Toyota Service Department. Your dashboard lighting up like a Christmas tree is something out of a driver’s nightmare and with that concern in mind, lets discuss these lights and what they really mean.

What Are Toyota Dashboard Warning Lights and What Do They Mean? at J. Pauley Toyota-Fort Smith ARAll of those little lights on your dashboard come in two primary categories — indicator lights and warning lights. Indicator lights are there to alert you to a potential issue that may require your attention or simply let you know system is activated. Warning lights are more serious and should be addressed as soon as possible before you continue on. Color is a helpful way to help you understand the gravity of your vehicle’s situation. If a dashboard light is green or blue, it generally indicates that a system is on or operating, such as your high beams being on. When you see red or yellow, it may indicate a serious problem or safety issue and you should have your vehicle checked by a certified Toyota technician as soon as possible. Take a look at a few common and important dashboard warning lights and indicators.

Check Engine Warning Light

Not a a light you want to see light up on your dashboard — the check engine light is serious business. This dashboard warning light can indicate any number of problems with the electronic engine control, electronic throttle control and electronic automatic transmission control systems. Get your Toyota Tacoma serviced immediately if you see this warning light flicker on, as it could severely impact your safety down the road.

Low Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light

When your engine oil pressure is low, it can lead to even more significant issues without immediate attention and this warning light will let you know. If you see the low engine oil pressure warning light come on, it may mean there is more significant damage to your vehicle that could cause a vehicle malfunction or accident in the future.

ABS Warning Light

Few things are as crucial to your safety when you are driving than your brakes, so when you see the ABS warning light it is serious. This warning light generally points to an issue with your anti-lock brakes or the Brake Assist system. You can see how a malfunction of this system while on the road, could cause an accident and negatively impact your safety, so it is vital that you get your vehicle serviced immediately if you see this dashboard warning light come on.

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